Why Use Outside Counsel?

The benefits of retaining Sulzbacher Law, PLLC to provide research and writing services for you and your clients are manifold.  By outsourcing research and writing work to this office, you can improve your practice (and your life) in innumerable ways. You can take the offensive and put the prosecution on its heels by getting out in front with your pretrial motions instead of fighting off deadlines and requesting extensions. You no longer have to be the victim of an uncontrollable and unmanageable workload.  You do not have to pass on new cases just because your firm is at or near capacity.  When you send research and writing projects to me, you can increase your ability to provide high quality legal services on demand without committing to increased fixed costs that come with hiring a full time associate.  You can also greatly improve your work-life balance by unloading the portion of your workload that forces you to work long days and weekends.  On top of all that, you can bill out my work to your clients at a profit in the same way you would with a traditional associate (except in Maryland and Texas).

Handle a Variable (or consistently too high) Workload

Using an outside attorney for research and writing projects allows you to smoothly handle a variable or consistently high workload without increasing fixed costs or driving yourself crazy.  Variable and consistently high workloads are a reality for many criminal defense attorneys and firms.  The traditional means for dealing with this issue are hiring another attorney or working more hours.

The first option is a reasonable approach for a workload that is always far too high and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, but has many drawbacks as a solution to varying workloads or a workload that is not high enough to keep one more full time attorney busy year-round.  When you hire an associate, you immediately take on the fixed costs of salary and benefits, not to mention the investment of your time in training the new hire.  When the workload drops, you are still stuck with these fixed costs.  By employing the services of this office, on the other hand, you can get the help you need when you need it without long-term commitments.  When the assigned project or projects are completed and your workload returns to manageable levels, you no longer have to pay for the assistance.  Additionally, as an experienced litigator focusing his practice on criminal defense research and writing, I do not need hand-holding or the type of training you would need to provide to a new associate fresh out of law school.  Once you’ve provided the scope of the project and the documents needed, you can wait for the finished product, review it, and let me know if any more work needs to be done.

The drawbacks to working more hours are obvious.  It’s no secret that the legal profession is full of stressed out workaholics.  Overloaded attorneys are more likely to cut corners and make mistakes, resulting in accused citizens not receiving the level protection and advocacy they need and deserve.  By outsourcing work to this office when things get too busy, you can avoid those stretches of working twelve plus hour days and seven day weeks while still providing representation of the highest quality to your clients.

Another trap attorneys fall into is seeking extensions as a matter of routine.  Getting an extension may put out a fire in the short term, but you end up being behind as you approach your trial date, and you end up with a cascading result of getting behind and staying behind in all of your cases.  Plus, having to ask the prosecution for favors is not an enviable position to be in.  Seeking a continuance of a trial as a result of getting behind the eight-ball early on will inevitably result in an unhappy judge and dissatisfied clients.  You can get ahead and stay ahead by increasing your capacity as needed by enlisting the services of this office.

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Receive High Quality Substantive Work Product

When you outsource a project to Sulzbacher Law, PLLC, you can be assured that you will receive a high quality final product. Criminal defense attorneys are compelled to be jacks-of-all-trades, forced at times to develop a degree of expertise in fields as diverse as engineering, sociology, cell phone tower technology, DNA analysis, chemistry, and psychology, not to mention intricate and complex areas of the law. Sulzbacher Law, PLLC narrows his focus to one discrete aspect of litigation: research and brief writing. This degree of focus makes David uniquely equipped to ensure that all issues are identified and properly argued, and allows the hiring attorney to rest at ease knowing she will be able to implement a highly effective motions strategy with minimal expenditure of her own time and resources.

Additionally, in order to maximize quality and efficiency, this law office maintains legal database subscriptions covering all U.S. jurisdictions and a broad package of primary and secondary sources.

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Stop Neglecting “Low Priority” Cases

When attorneys are overloaded, they often feel torn between competing obligations and end up engaging in triage.  They may focus solely on their higher priority cases, but ignoring the lower priorities can have catastrophic consequences.  When justice is at stake, every case must be a top priority.  By outsourcing to this office, you can ensure that all of your clients are getting the best representation possible.

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Reduce Stress

Much of the criminal defense bars accepts work overload and high stress levels as facts of life.  They do not have to be.  By outsourcing research and writing projects, you can take control of your workload and bring your stress levels down accordingly.  Figure out how much work you actually want to be doing and outsource the rest to this office.

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Reduce the Risk of Providing Ineffective Assistance/Committing Malpractice

Mistakes are most likely to occur when attorneys have too much on their plates.  When you spend all of your time putting out fires, deadlines can pass and oversights can be made to the detriment of your clients.  You can keep your workload in check and maximize the quality of representation you provide to each client by outsourcing research and writing to this office.

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Increase Career Satisfaction

You will have greater satisfaction if you do not have to spend so much time doing the things you do not want to do.  Many trial attorneys prefer to be in court, in negotiations, taking depositions, and visiting with clients all day.  If that describes you, outsource those tasks that involve hours in front of the computer to me so that you can focus on the part of the practice you enjoy.  You are also more likely to feel better about your career working only the number of hours you want to work each week while responsibly outsourcing the remainder of your work.

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Increase Profits

On top of the aforementioned benefits, attorneys can make more money by using Sulzbacher Law, PLLC for research and writing projects.  From an economic standpoint, hiring an attorney who provides research and writing services is a great deal for busy solo practitioners and small firms.  The rates charged by Sulzbacher Law, PLLC for research and writing services provided to private firms are below market rates.  If you bill outsourced services to your client as attorney fees (which is what you should generally do), rather than costs, the difference between the rates charged by this law office and the reasonable market rate at which you bill its services to the end client is your profit (does not apply to Maryland and Texas).  For more on the ethical considerations involved in profiting from use of a freelance attorney, click here.

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